Execute your Marketing with Precision

James Corden and The Late Late Show are quickly becoming some of the best marketers in the entertainment industry.

Their “Carpool Karaoke” segments are must watch even for those who aren’t fans of the musicians in the segment. If you have not seen one of these, go now and watch, actually wait until you finish this article since you will likely binge watch them all. Corden is the host of the show and musical artists (Adele, Justin Bieber, etc.) ride in a car with him while they sing, joke, and have what looks to be an amazing time.

What is really interesting is examining the segment from a marketing perspective because it is brilliant execution to reach their target demographic. I believe in a 5 stage marketing process, the first is discovery research, the second is a brilliant strategy, and the third is flawless execution. I will write about the second two in a few weeks.

The Late Late Show has done their broad discovery research to identify how people consume media, i.e. on mobile devices and laptops. Many people are opting out of subscribing to cable with 15% of Americans deciding to be “cord cutters” and the number is growing. There is also ad-blocking software that means traditional advertising is working less and less. Discovering these changes through research has allowed Corden and his crew to develop an amazing strategy.

Instead of solely bringing on guests to do traditional interviews, they have developed a strategy that advertises to audiences through entertaining content. The musicians that participate in “Carpool Karaoke” are promoting something, usually, a new album, even if it is not directly stated. Some of the other creative segments on the show feature actors who are promoting movies through sketches.

Corden and his team are easily reaching 20+ million viewers on their YouTube channel! They, along with other brands, are executing their marketing strategies with excellent precision by being unique and providing value.  

Executing campaigns are, in my opinion, the most exciting aspect of marketing. After detailed research and crafting an innovative strategy comes the moment of truth. Can the campaign be executed and will customers engage?

Marketing is one of the most enjoyable fields because it is the combination of research and creativity. When you are executing your campaigns, look broad and wide at marketing outside of your immediate industry. The best ideas might come from an evening talk show.

If you are ready to take you marketing to the next level and execute with precision then reach out to me at Elisha Consulting where I work with individuals and companies to reach new heights.