Choosing a Color Palette for Your Brand

This will be the first in series of marketing basics that covers how to choose a color scheme, where to find typefaces and the best sites for high-quality photos.

Starting with a color palette.

The colors you pick when you are branding, building a website, designing a brochure, or any other visual marketing are incredibly important.

First, ask yourself, how do you want to be represented? Do you want to stand out with bold colors? Are you a more traditional business that should utilize classic color schemes? Should you follow color theory for your industry?

Do not take this first step lightly as you should keep a color scheme to stay consistent and build a brand.  

I am a believer in color theory. The basic idea is that certain colors evoke specific emotions. Blue is calming, green relates to nature, red is passionate, etc. If you are interested, view this excellent article.

Once you decide on your color style, then the fun part begins . . . choosing your foundational color palette. My favorite website for selecting colors is


  • Click "get started, it's free"
  • Watch the short tutorial 
  • Begin selecting your colors
  • When you have a primary color, "lock it in place"
  • Then hit the space bar to see complementary colors 
  • It is that easy

When you have your colors selected. Make sure to keep track of the Hex Color Code. For example in the above image, the center color code is #8093F1.

Now you have your color palette!

There is still a lot to learn about colors, specifically the difference between RGB and CMYK, i.e. RGB is for the web and CMYK is for printing. However, for starters just selecting your color palette is important before moving forward.  

Next time we will cover choosing a typeface.

For more in-depth marketing assistance feel free to contact me and see how Elisha Consulting can assist with your company or personal brand.

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