At Elisha Consulting, everything we do is backed by data and proven processes. Our goal is to solve problems and develop a clear understanding of how to replicate these results. For that reason, we always strive to identify what is working (to do more of that) and what is not working (to do less of that). 

Our social sciences background (Anthropology & Economics), coupled with our award-winning MBA mindset, puts us in an unique position to transform our experience into teachable processes.

These processes are MBA-grade workshops that we currently proved, as guest lecturers, at the C. T. Bauer College of Business. We have also coached our client's teams to adopt some of our processes. 

Topics include:


Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you KNOW how to do it. Yes, everyone can stand up, talk, and show some PowerPoint slides... but that doesn't mean they are communicating their ideas efficiently and leading their audience to take favorable actions. 

Our presentations have led to investment decisions with positive ROI, raising capital for non-profit projects, and acquisition of tools that increase productivity. 

Participants of this workshop will learn how to Design, Declutter, and Deliver a presentation that leads to desired results. Also, this workshop will help you avoid wasted time with meetings that don't move the needle. 


We work with professionals and entrepreneurs to help them develop the necessary skills to build a network of purposeful and like-minded individuals that will allow them to advance their careers and grow their business.

We go through the basics of opening, maintaining, and closing conversations at networking events. We share tools and practical exercises that will allow the participants to build meaningful relationships with anyone they meet. These relationships could mean better chemistry within teams (that will lead to an increase in productivity) and employees with better client-facing skills (that will lead to an increase in lead generation and revenue growth). 


If you want to share ideas that generate a positive impact, you need a presentation that is designed and delivered in a way that creates a memorable experience. 

Setting the tone of an event, with a great keynote, can be the difference between and audience that leaves energized to take action and connected with the purpose of your organization, or an audience that leaves feeling confused and demotivated. 

Let us help you create a memorable experience for your audience. 

Topics include:


Life is neither easy nor fair.

The only common variable is that we all are going to face obstacles and uncomfortable situations. Alejandro has faced obstacles in different languages, countries, industries, and disciplines, and has always find a way to overcome these. He was the bench-warmer of his basketball team for several years and ended up playing competitive basketball during high school and college. He almost dropped out of college and later was able to graduate at the top of his MBA class.

Got obstacles? Alejandro has a process and methodology to help you overcome these by developing a mindset of "Positive Suffering". 


In this era of information technology, most organizations are focusing on how to optimize processes and results by leveraging tech tools. Yet, not many take the time to be strategic before executing. 

We see this pitfall happening often when engaging with clients. It is essential to take a step back to understand the big picture and make the most out of every optimization opportunity around us. 

This process is what we call 360° Optimization, and it has humans at its center. 

Let us help you increase the ROI of every tool, employee, or process so that you can achieve your goals efficiently. 


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