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What is the value of branding?

Have you ever wore a tailored piece of clothing? How did it make you feel? Were you more confident, did you think your could take on the world, did you look in a mirror and think . . . I look sexy! 

Of course you did. Having a tailored outfit is similar to a great brand - there is a new level of confidence that emerges. I have seen it time and time again. A company offers an amazing product or service but their brand looks like it was designed by an amateur.

That's where Elisha Consulting comes in, our goal is to pair your world-class offering with a brand that is tailored and fits perfectly. 

Our services include logos, branding, websites, and content marketing.


Meet the Founder

I have spent a decade helping small businesses, large organizations, and non-profits take their branding and marketing to a higher level resulting in increased profits and awareness.

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What are others saying?

I’ve had the privilege to work alongside Matt several times in the non-profit industry. Not only has he been a huge coach and mentor in my professional development, but he has also exceeded the expectations of the organization. What separates Matt from other prospects is his initiative, work behavior, and dedication to succeed. Matt is nothing less than a huge asset to any field of opportunity.
— Michael Crisp, Director of Events at Coreluv International
Matt has been a consultant at Benefit Concepts, Inc. for two years and has been a joy to work with since the beginning. In working with him closely, I have come to know him as creative, hard-working, and incredibly dedicated. His work ethic is unmatched as he handles high-volume and high-stress workloads with ease, and is quick and thorough in finding and learning new software unfamiliar to him that meets the needs of Benefit Concepts. He has truly become an invaluable asset to the BCI Team.
— Kerstin Kornblum, President of Benefit Concepts, Inc.


our goal is your success

Elisha Consulting is here to improve your brand through unmatched excellence. We can be everything from your trusted adviser all the way to your marketing department outsourced.