Learn to do Jedi Mind Tricks to Grow Your Business


Jedi Mind Tricks are real!

Once you have advanced in the study of The Force you can even see them coming. Yet, when the one executing it is experienced it will work even if you know it is coming.

If fact, in some cases you actually want others to use The Force on you to generate good results. You can even use it on yourself.

The Force is not Light or Dark, it is the user and the purpose that can be Light or Dark.

John Nemo pulled a Jedi Mind Trick on me and I got a lot of value out of it! Thank you, John.

The best marketers are the ones that have mastered the art & science of the Jedi’s. What I mean with this is that they have mastered the art & science of influence.

The goal of this article is to share with you a couple of examples on how to use influence, and how influence is being used on you, so you can grow your business and also prevent it from losing value.

Influence, just like The Force, is not good or evil. It is the way in which you use and the purpose behind it that can be positive or negative.  

Dive into this topic… We will.

See how we use the power of The Force, for our clients, by clicking here.


Use The Force, You Must


When I first was developing my online presence on LinkedIn I was recommended to read LinkedIn Riches by John Nemo, and I did. 

Doing that allowed me to not only develop a strong presence on LinkedIn but also helped others do so. I have helped clients get to All-Star level on LinkedIn in just a couple of hours.

Keep in mind that being an All-Star on LinkedIn is not just a title. This means that your profile will be shown more times (than the least stronger profiles) when searches are being made on LinkedIn for keywords that match your profile.

LinkedIn will even tell you how many times your profile has been found through searches, where searchers work, and what your searches do.

So be sure to get your profile up to All-Star level if you want to be found to grow your business or advance your career.

Now back to the Jedi Mind Trick.

Thanks to reading John’s book we were able to connect and now I follow him and the information he shares.

John uses the LinkedIn messaging tool in a great way. Periodically, he will use it to engage with his audience and share valuable information. 

As a marketing Jedi in training, I know that most of these messages are templates. I know because I also use templates when sending messages, emails, and other methods of communication. It is a Jedi Mind Trick.

Yet, there are several things that make it a positive influence tactic:

  • The Purpose

Anytime I use it it’s because I want to use time efficiently and because I have something valuable to share.

  • The Engagement

Sending these type of messages opens the door for real interaction. John and I engaged in a real conversation after several of those messages. This is how valuable business relationships are built.

  • The Efficiency

These templates have been tested and tweaked over and over until results, for both parties, are achieved. A lot of work has to be dedicated when starting, to measure and track results. But once you find something that works, then it becomes really simple and easy to get the desired results.

Here comes the Jedi Mind Trick, feel free to use it too:

John sent me a message about a Facebook live show he was going to do and saying that he could possibly feature a question from me (i.e. give me and my business a shout out on the show).

How could I say no? This was appealing to my ego (MY question and MY business), and as much as we try to tame our ego with meditation and other techniques, it will always arise when it is teased.

This is an influence tactic, yet it is used for a good purpose.

He asked: “What do you want to know more about Webinars?” to which I replied: 

Hi John,

Thank you for the opportunity!

I would like to know how do you conduct research to know that the ability and willingness to pay exists (at your target market) before creating the webinar.

I ask this because sometimes people have problems they want to solve, and we may have the solutions, yet the willingness to pay is not there. Thus, creating the webinar might be valuable but nor profitable.

Thanks for always sharing valuable information.

Looking forward to the podcast,


Also, I added the URL to Elisha Consulting since he asked.

John then replied thanking me for my question and confirming that we was going to feature my question on the show. This is key: He wasn’t trying to get me to just watch the show and lie to me about the possibility of being featured.

He then followed up again the day of the show to confirm again and provided the time of the show and link (making it very easy for me).

Then I went to the show and he over delivered on his promise. He featured my question, he gave me a great answer (I took a lot of notes and some of his questions/material I am using it for clients now), and he also shared with me some e-books.

This made me like his page, engage throughout the webinar, and also share the live show with my audience.

On top of that, now I am writing this article promoting him and his services without being asked to. I do this because the Jedi Mind Trick worked, but also because he used it in a purposeful and valuable way.

Now I am not only a follower but a true fan of John. What John did for me is exactly what you should be doing for your audience and future clients. 

Thanks again, John!


How To Grow Your Business Using The Force?


That whole interaction is something that you should be doing with your audience and clients.

The more you engage, the stronger the relationship will be. People will know you, like you, and trust you, as a result of this engagement which will lead to growth.

If you think the next step to grow your business is a Webinar, then you should definitely contact John.

If you think your next step to grow your business is to Elevate Your Brand, by engaging your clients in different ways such as newsletters, emails, blogs, and by creating a better digital presence then you should definitely contact us.  

At Elisha Consulting, we do Marketing at the Intersection of Creativity & Analytics.

Our work is not only designed in a way that will appeal to the eye and emotions of your audience because of its beauty but will also lead to concrete results because of the data analytics behind the design.

We use the power of influence to create value for your audience and clients.

Do you want to use the power of the Force to start building stronger relationships with your future clients?