Forget the Montage

Just like most people I enjoy movies and consider a Sunday afternoon watching Netflix to be a great joy.  Movies come in many genres and plot styles, yet in many of them there is an epic montage.  We know what these look like, they were mastered in 80s action movies.  Drums start to play, the hero learns how to defeat the enemy in short scenes where the camera catches the protagonist failing, learning, and then mastering their new skill in a matter of minutes.

I am part of the montage generation.

We expect everything to come quickly, if Daniel from the Karate Kid can learn to fight in a few moments, or the nerd can learn to be the jock in a few movie frames, then why can’t it be the same for starting a business?  The problem with montages are that they leave out the details of how long things really take. 

One of my favorite book series is The Lord of the Rings, while I enjoyed the movies, they did not really portray the length of the journey it took Frodo, Gandalf, and the rest of the fellowship.  They spent long treacherous nights moving slowly though unyielding environments and were constantly being hunted.  Business is the same, the road to success is long, full of fallen companies who failed, and at the end is a lonely destination as most never reach their potential.

As you are working toward you goal, whether in business, personal, or just trying to figure out what you are trying to do - remember to forget the montage.  As one of my mentors has always told me, “there are no shortcuts to excellence.”  The people who succeed are the ones who endure the difficult times.  Most people become distracted, lose hope, or simply give up.  Yet, to make it, there has to be the deliberate effort to rise each day and become a little better, get closer to your goal, and embrace the moment. 

The montage is not real, it takes years to even begin to see the destination, and then it is a long journey that many never finish to finally reach the end.

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