Trust your Instinct

Have you ever had a moment of clarity where you knew you made the wrong decision?

Recently, I met with a potential client and we had a great meeting.  They are successful and have been in business for two decades with their main clientele being Oil and Gas companies.  For the first time they have to market their services through digital and more traditional mediums since oil prices are down. 

I was referred to them and we discussed the need for a proper market analysis before moving to a more detailed marketing strategy.  At the end of the meeting the action item was for me to send them a proposal on what a market analysis would look like, how much it would cost, and the overall timeline.

During our discussion I knew that what they really needed was a comprehensive marketing strategy to strategically position themselves in front of potential clients.  Instead of following my instincts, I did just as I was asked and provided a proposal for a market analysis, yet did not provide a detailed plan.  

I gave them what they asked for and not what they needed. 

The only real valuable thing is intuition.  Albert Einstein

We have all been there, where we knew that we should follow a specific path, yet for some reason or another we went the safe route.  Well, the answer to the question, did I get the client should be obvious . . . no.  

I received a wonderful response that my proposal was concise, well-thought out, aesthetically pleasing, exactly what we discussed, and a fair price.  However, another consultant produced a complete marketing and sales strategy - exactly what I knew they needed.

To be successful in business we must follow what we know is correct.  I am still relatively new to business even though I have been collecting paychecks for 15 years, have two master’s degrees, and have worked with many clients.  I have been trained by excellent mentors, many of them executives, presidents, or founders of companies.  Their wisdom combined with my experience has given me a solid instinctual foundation.

You are the same!  My peers are some of the most talented and intelligent professionals I know and many times I am in awe of what they can accomplish.

As you reflect on your experience, insights from mentors, and educational background it should become clear that you do have tremendous intuition.  We will not always be correct, yet deep in our gut there are many times we instinctively know the answer, best way to proceed, or what to avoid.

Trust your instincts and continually learn from when you did not.  Moving forward, I will present proposals with what the potential client asked for . . . and what they really need.

Photo credit: Oscar Keys