Be the Youngest in the Room

Each day I feel like I am learning at a tremendous speed.  Starting my own business has meant that I have not only become a consultant, but I am also an accountant, project manager, sales agent, and will do anything else that needs to get done in order to make Elisha Consulting successful.  While I have been learning, something unique has stuck out to me . . .  

I am frequently the youngest person in a room while working.

Over the past four months I have met with multiple Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, CEOs, CTOs, and every other C imaginable.  In these meetings I am 10-25 years younger than the rest of the people at the table, and that is a great thing!  Being the youngest at the table means that I am learning at an accelerated speed, I have to know what I am talking about, and I get to escalate my career quicker than most.

I noticed this trend of being the youngest at a table years ago.  I was one of the youngest personal trainers at 24 Fitness over a decade ago, I was the youngest Adjunct Instructor in my department at the University of Houston, I was the youngest staff member when I was at a non-profit, and now I am routinely the youngest when I am consulting businesses.

If I could give advice, get around people who are older than you as they will jump start your career.  

Being around peers is great to bounce ideas off of them, relax, and go through life together.  But in business I want to be the youngest in the room as it means I am on the path to being one of the most successful in the room.