Leave your Fingerprints

One of my mentors would tell me that I "had left my fingerprints" on his organization.  It was his way of letting me know that all of the work I had done, the long nights I had sacrificed, and the triumphs along with failures had made a difference.  I had left my fingerprints and going forward my mark had been placed even though I was moving on to another adventure.

This thought came to mind while driving home late at night after a full day of work and then a full night of business school.  As I am working on my business and starting to see the end of my MBA experience coming rapidly towards me, I have wondered am I still leaving my fingerprints?

Will my business make the positive impact that I hope, will I be able to say I left the Bauer School of Business better than when I arrived, and more importantly, will I impress valuable life lessons on my son?  Essentially, am I leaving my fingerprints on the areas of my life that matter most?

Many of us are so busy moving between one task and another, or whether we like to admit it or not, we are caring so much about ourselves that we are not really making a positive impact in the areas that we touch on a daily basis.  How many people do we speak with, how many hours do we put into work and school, and how much time is wasted on things that do not really matter?  One of the things that keeps me up at night is the fear that my life will not matter. 

During my life I want to make sure I helped others, loved the least of these, and gave more of myself than I took from others – I want to leave my fingerprints on the world around me.

Where are the areas that you could be improving?  Is it your church, family, school, work, or just the person you pass while walking?  I fear that many of us are living such distracted lives that we do not really examine if our life is making a difference.  Only a few of us will “change the world” at large, but each of us can change our world and the world of our family and friends.  As you reflect on the day, maybe you should ask, are you leaving your fingerprints?